Hamptons Cottage Before Renovation

September 2014

This is a photo of our little cottage in the Hamptons before the renovation began. I miss it already, but I also cannot wait to see it when the renovations are finished..which unfortunately will not be finished until fall 2015 at the earliest! I want to keep the “cottage feel” even though we will have high ceilings and a nice new kitchen with a vaulted ceiling. (Plus modern closets and bathrooms!) I am thinking about adding some reclaimed wood beams. I love touches of reclaimed wood whenever possible.


The part that sold us on our little house was the “secret garden” in the back yard. Most of that will remain the same. Although we are planning some landscape renovations to make the yard more a part of the house. We hope to move around a few trees and make room for a terrace in the back off the master bedroom. From there we will have a view of the beautiful wisteria trellis.

The Secret Garden


Enjoying a late summer afternoon by the pool with Parker and a glass of rose.

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Zinnias, muffins and fruit from a trip to Round Swamp Farm. Miss that so much right now!

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