A Series of Small fabric Works of Art

I am in the process of working on a series of small fabric works of art, inspired by Louise Bourgeois. Each one is 12″ x 12″. The idea is to show them on the wall in a group that all work together as one large work of art. I plan to display them in the new house in the Hamptons when the project is complete.

Each square work of art is made of fabrics that I have collected in a mostly neutral color palette. Natural and handmade fabrics appeal to me and I plan to work with that look in decorating the beach house. Keeping in mind the sun bleached, weathered feeling that I want in the cottage, I chose linen fabrics – some of which I hand dyed in soft colors like aqua and peach. I took some white linen fabric and dipped it in brewed tea to achieve the ecru color I wanted. I was able to source out through Etsy, burlap & linen tapes, natural buttons (such as coconut, tortoise and shell), striped linen fabric and hand dyed silk ribbons, that fit the overall image that I am going for.

Once I gathered the materials, the project began.

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Working with textiles has a similar feel to working with collage, but instead of tearing and cutting paper and cardboard and gluing it down, I am working with fabrics, felts, ribbons, twine and trim. I start with a general feeling for each square laying down a base piece or two of fabric. Then I move around the shapes and textiles until I come up with the feel I want. I sew, glue and weave it all together to come up with the final piece of fabric art. Each one is different, but each one relates to the others in some way.

Here are the first four fabric works. The top left one is made up of hand dyed silk ribbons woven together with linen ribbons into a basket weave. The one on the right is a pair of jeans that I cut up and pieced together. The bottom left  is woven strips of tea dyed linen fabric that I tore in to strips. The one on the bottom right is horizontal ribbons on the top half and hand dyed linen in a pale aqua color on the bottom.

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Below is a close ups of a few other recent ones I have done.

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It is a work in progress….when I am in the zone there is stuff everywhere! This is a sampling of materials I have to choose from.

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Here are six more shown in a group.

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I don’t know the final sequence that I will choose to put them in, or how many I will need to cover the wall. But once I have enough that I like, I will move them around until I achieve the feeling that I want as a whole work of art.

I just laid these on the floor and it is difficult to get high enough up to get a good shot. I think I will add another row – but here it is as of now. I will most likely switch some of them around for awhile until it feels right before actually hanging them on the wall.

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