Preparing My Breezin’ Up Stores For Summer 2015

Today I went to the NY NOW Show / The Market for Home and Lifestyle /at the Jacob Javitz Center. It is three floors of so many fun and amazing things – from home furnishing, textiles, decorative items, fashion accessories, jewelry and toys. They even have a handmade section with crafts and gifts from all over the world.

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Here is just a selection of accessories I will be ordering for the stores.



I love this new jewelry line!      (enewtondesigns)


We found some fun bracelets for teens.

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These are some handmade ornaments and toys. (I will hand paint the town name on these.)



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I love and appreciate anything hand made. I painted the colorful fish myself – that was a long day!


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We will be selling signs like these in our store this summer. (and many other signs too)


I really love these hand painted iron hooks and mermaid bottle openers!



I discovered a new candle line called Surf’s Up that smell amazing and reminds you of the beach!


We found some cute things for the Kid’s section! These are terry cloth stuffed toys that hold a bar of soap and suds up in the bath. (they were on Shark Tank)

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We also discovered some new fun soaps for kids.

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Here is just a selection of hats we will be selling for babies and adults, as well as beachy scarves and totes for the beach.


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A small selection of the many totes we will carry.


I just ordered from the line “Threads For Thought” line – a company that uses sustainable fabrics.

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I really love the little dresses and burn out tops –

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I love this men’s striped sweatshirt too!

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I am really looking forward to spring when we plan to reopen the stores! Look for us in the Hamptons over Easter.

This is my East Hampton store at 37 Newtown Lane.


I will be adding more things for the stores to my post as spring gets closer and the weather gets warmer. It seems so far away now with all of the ice and snow in NYC…but it will come!

(Parker & Bailey are looking forward to summer too!)

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3/28/15 – Finally it is officially Spring!

Next weekend is Easter weekend, so my Breezin’ Up stores are preparing to open the doors for the 2015 season. It’s time to see how everything that I purchased at the various shows all winter comes together.

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New things are just beginning to arrive to all the stores. Windows need to be freshly done and displays arranged.

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We don’t expect to have a full store this early in the season, but new garments and home goods will be arriving daily. The goal is to have everything full and ready by Memorial Day when the summer season truly begins!

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