Deviled Eggs

I always think of deviled eggs in the Spring, because it is the perfect thing to do with hardboiled eggs left over from Easter baskets. My grandmother always told me that her secret ingredient was “a touch of mustard” – so I always add that too. I don’t actually use a measured recipe – it is more a little of this – a little of that!

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Lorinda’s Deviled Eggs

  • peel and cut in half 6 – 12 hardboiled eggs
  • carefully scoop out the yolks with a spoon and put in a bowl
  • mash the yolks lightly with a fork
  • add enough Lemonaise (or Mayonnaise) to make a fluffy paste (a few TBs)
  • add a teaspoon to a TB. of dijon mustard  (to taste)
  • add a few TBs. of finely minced red onions (or scallion or shallots)
  • add a few TBs. of finely minced sweet red and orange peppers
  • gently mix together in the bowl with the yolks and add 1 – 2 TB of capers (or finely minced dill pickles)

Fill the half egg whites by putting a scoop where the yolk was. Add a few capers on top and freshly ground pepper & salt.

Sprinkle with smoked paprika.  Enjoy! – (it is easy to eat quite a few at a time!)

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