The New Hamptons Cottage


The long, cold and snowy winter of 2015 set the construction of our new house way back! The old cottage was knocked down in the fall, and we had a big hole in the ground. Then the snow started…and it did not stop all winter long. The hole was filled with a few feet of icy snow for the remaining of the winter. Unfortunately the work came to a halt on the cottage for many months.

Now the weather has warmed up, and work has finally progressed. This week is the first time we will have come down to the Hamptons from the city since the demolition in the fall. Easter is next weekend, and I need to do fresh store windows in my stores, so it is a great time to check out the progress of the cottage.

Over the winter I have been working on ideas for decorating the house. One of the most exciting things is planning the new open kitchen and the bathrooms. We will be using my brother’s beautiful artisan tiles for this. He has a company called Blue Slide Art Tile out of Pt. Reyes, Ca. where he has been making beautiful artisan tiles for many years. 

My brother Gordon, hand makes, carves and and hand glazes his tiles in gorgeous watercolor shades. I have chosen some beautiful neutral shades that will work with my overall color scheme – warm cream and ivory, pale gray and a muted aqua shade. Colors that will remind me of the beach all year long – the driftwood, the weathered whites, the color of the sand and the pale aqua of the ocean. Soothing, natural uplifting colors for me.

Here are just some of the shapes and deco tiles in the watercolor shades I will be incorporating into the kitchen and bathrooms.

Processed with VSCOcam


They finally started framing the new house – here it is so far!


More to come….


Adding high ceilings to the house will make it feel much more spacious – even though it is still maintains a “small cottage feel”.

Finally all framed in!

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4 /31/15   And now we have a roof!




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5/8 /15 – The siding goes up and it is beginning to look like a real house again!


Possible look for floor tiles in the bathrooms:

9529 28203

I love this wood floor! This particular wood color reminds me of driftwood – in fact that is the name. It is a hand scraped, wide plank flooring and I feel like it will fit in nicely with the handmade feel I am trying to create in the cottage.

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Some sconces that I like:

prod2430101   prod2500257_E43485178_F   prod6430328_E6144591_F

prod6441311_E621676_F   prod2500277   prod2980084_E94766140_TQ

Here are a few shots of the inside of the house. You can see how the high ceilings make the rooms look so much bigger. It looks like a small cottage from the outside..but it feels more spacious inside because of the high ceilings!

The new kitchen space –

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The new living room, looking through to a guest room –

Processed with VSCOcam

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    • Lorinda Bryan Reply

      Keep following for further progress. I can’t wait to see how Gordy’s tiles will look in the house. I know they will be beautiful!

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