“Rustic Chic” Wedding Decor That You Can Make Yourself

Sean & Chase’s wedding – June 6, 2015

We are all working together to create a festive atmosphere for my daughter’s upcoming wedding in Cape May. It is going to be held at the Cape May Beach Club, which is a pool club with a pavilion. It is located directly next to a secluded beach. There will be a rented tent on the big day, and tables and linens of course – but we need to use our imagination to make it a real celebration. We want it to be personal and beautiful, but within our budget. Fortunately, making art and using our creativity is our family specialty! It is something that we have been doing in our Breezin’ Up stores for thirty years – so this should be a piece of cake!

The theme is “rustic chic” with a beach twist. I am realizing that this is a popular wedding theme as I have made countless trips to our local Michaels Craft Store on the Upper West Side and I am finding lots of choices to help us achieve this look. Thank goodness for Michaels!!

Mason jars are everywhere and they are so easy to decorate. The “lace & burlap look” is what we are going for here -and Sean’s color choice is a blush peach and ivory. To decorate the jars, you simply wrap twine around them and glue. A touch of lace is nice too. Sean’s father is cutting wood slabs to use under the floral arrangements in the center of each table.


The easiest way to wrap the jars without even needing glue is to start at the top letting about 3″- 5 ” of twine hang down. Now wind around the top rim and keep winding over the piece hanging until you reach where you want to stop. Simply tie a bow with the two pieces at the bottom. (there should be at least 3″ left hanging)

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Burlap runners with lace will be decorating all of the ivory covered table cloths. (These are easily found in many stores now)


I saw this idea of painting mason jars on Etsy. So I painted some of the jars with acrylic blush colored paint – then I added touches of twine to decorate them. (I used Martha Stewart’s “wild salmon” craft paint and lightened it with white) These will look nice in a grouping with other clear mason jars. (I “roughed them up” a bit with a knife to give them a distressed look)

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Below is an aluminum vase I decorated with gold ribbon and a muslin flower – all purchased at Michaels. it is nice to vary the heights of your vases and mason jars when making a floral grouping.

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We painted oyster shells with gold paint to put in the bridal shower goodie bags. I purchased the shells from Etsy. The gold paint was in the section for painting model cars. (use it outside or with good ventilation) It makes them beautiful and shiny! They were a big hit, so we plan to add gold painted shells for decoration around some of the floral arrangements.

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Sean’s dad made this ladder for display. I think it will be great for framed photos of the bride and groom, as well as floral arrangements and shells and other beachy decor.

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Michaels sells these wood signs with bark edges. I painted the bride and her groom’s names with acrylic craft paint and I plan to put it on the ladder somewhere.

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I love this sign that Sean’s dad made. It says “welcome” in Gaelic Irish & also in Hebrew.

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I found these two metal buckets and also the burlap hearts from Michaels. I painted their initials on the hearts and tied them to the bucket handle. These will be used to hold extra petals for the guests to throw at the “just married” couple after the ceremony. The burlap Mr. & Mrs. banner was purchased at Michaels to be hung at the “sweetheart table” that Sean & Chase will sit at for the reception. I decorated the words with peach dots.

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This little wood square was bought unpainted, but I skimmed the top with white paint, then I glued on wooden letters that I painted a blush color. Little polka dots with white paint inside the heart were the finishing touch.

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I found these two cardboard containers covered with craft paper at Michaels also. (The pretty fabric flowers were in the sewing section). It was very easy to use tacky glue to attach them on all sides for the flower girl baskets.

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There is a section at Michael’s where they have unfinished wood products like boxes, wooden alphabet letters, and wood frames. I chose the box below to be used for cards brought to the wedding by the guests. I painted it a charcoal color first. Then after it dried I “white washed” it with a sponge brush and ivory paint. (leaving bits of the grey underneath to give it a “weathered look”) The letters were purchased at Michaels and painted with the blush acrylic paint, then glued on. The muslin flowers were glued on later too.

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I made these pens for signing the guest book by topping them with burlap flowers. (purchased at Michaels). I started wrapping twine around the top of a regular pen, carefully wrapping the ties from the flowers tightly under the twine – then continuing to wrap all the way to the bottom – then tying a knot to secure it at the bottom.

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This was a sign below purchased from Etsy before I realized I could buy plain wood signs at Michaels and make my own. It is very, very nice..but not cheap. BTW – there some very talented and creative people selling things on Etsy – it really is a great source for handmade things!


I painted this sign below on foam core to be used next to the game area by the pool.

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We sell these wooden surfboards at our Breezin’ Up stores with the town name printed on them. I got two plain ones and painted them a weathered “white wash color”. Then I hand painted Sean & Chase’s names, and anchors on them. They will be stuck into the sand at the ceremony so that people will know which side to sit on.

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We are planning to have two fire pits outside in the lounge areas where we will be offering S’More ingredients, skewers and marshmallows, plus a boat filled with ice cold beer!

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These are cocktail napkins purchased from Etsy with Sean & Chase’s initials and an anchor symbol stamped on them.


Champagne glasses decorated in the same method as the mason jars with little wooden slices saying “Mr. & Mrs.”


All of this is easy to do with a store like Michaels and a little imagination!

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  1. Sarah Hendrickson nash Reply

    POst pictures! I hope the weather cooperated.

    • Lorinda Bryan Reply

      I am preparing a post about the wedding, but having family visiting afterwards is taking up my immediate time. It was beautiful and I will be posting photos soon!

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