Fresh Corn & Lima Bean Succotash for Labor Day

I had some amazing succotash last weekend at Vine Street Restaurant in Sag Harbor – one of my favorite places to eat!  So when I spotted fresh lima beans in the market, I was inspired to try making it myself. Succotash is such a great combination of flavors and uses many of the summer vegetables that are available now. It is a wonderful summer side dish, and would be a delicious addition to a Labor Day picnic!

This was my light and fresh version using fresh market produce rather than frozen vegetables –

The main ingredients are:

fresh lima beans

corn on the cob

heirloom cherry tomatoes

fresh red pepper

red onions



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I started by removing the beans from the pods by slicing the tip off and pealing down the seam. The lima beans popped right out.

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Then I lightly simmered them in a shallow pan of boiling water for about 20 minutes until tender. After draining them I put them in a medium sized bowl.

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Next I shucked 2 – 3 ears of fresh corn and grilled them over the stove on a grill pan that I had rubbed with olive oil. I added some sliced red baby onions. When the corn was lightly browned with grill marks, I used a sharp knife to cut the kernels off and added them to the bowl with the limas.

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In the same grill pan I added a little more olive oil and sauteed one half of a sliced, chopped red pepper and some more red onions. When they were slightly grilled and brown, I added them to the other vegetables.

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I added 6-7 chopped heirloom cherry tomatoes to the bowl, and some freshly chopped basil and oregano. Then I lightly tossed that together with a few TB. of olive oil and 2 Tb. of white vinegar. Freshly ground salt & pepper and some red pepper flakes added just the right flavor, zest and spice.

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This succotash  was easy to make and had a nice fresh flavor and texture by using fresh produce from the market rather than frozen beans and corn. The fresh basil and oregano gave it that “just picked from the garden flavor”!

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Succotash can be served cold or room temperature, but I like it just “lightly warmed”.

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