Some of my Favorite Avocado Toast Combinations

One of my favorite things to eat – and also to instagram is “Avocado Toast”.  In fact it seems to be many people’s favorite things to eat for breakfast or lunch these days. Avocados are chock full of vitamins and minerals and healthy fat, so it’s a great choice to start out the day. Using a ripe avocado to make toast is as easy as can be. In fact it is basically the same way that guacamole is made.

All you really need is toast (of some sort) and a ripe avocado! This is a great snack for breakfast, lunch, dinner or in anytime in between. Of course there are other ingredients you can add to the avocado toast to liven it up and to add flavor and interest.

The basic ingredients I like to use for the best avocado toast are very simple:

Mash together in a bowl with a fork:

a ripe avocado

juice of a lime or lemon

salt to taste

a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil

some red pepper flakes

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You can change it up in various ways – by the toast you use – and by any other ingredients you decide to add to it.

On the avocado toast below I toasted a whole wheat baguette, then added the mashed avocado, some sweet pepper strips, sliced heirloom tomatoes and shredded red cabbage. A final dash of ground red pepper flakes gives it a little zing!

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This one was on a toasted Ezekial English muffin. Over the mashed avocado I added more diced avocado, sliced baby red onions and radishes, and a dollop of Harissa. (a spicy red pepper condiment)

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The toast below was made on toasted mini pita rounds. On top of the mashed avocado I added more sliced avocado, sweet peppers. cherry tomatoes, red onions and micro greens, with a sprinkle of red pepper flakes.

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Here is another one on a toasted whole wheat baguette with thinly sliced lemons, radishes & micro arugula on top of the avocado.

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The one below is on toasted whole wheat sourdough bread. I topped it with pomegranate seeds, chopped mango and fresh mint.

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Here is another one on a toasted wheat baguette with lime, slivered radishes & pea shoots on top of the avocado.

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As you can see there are many ways to fix avocado toast. Just use your imagination to see what you can come up with.

If you want to go “toastless” – this is always an option. Stuff the scooped out avocado shell with mashed avocado and chopped veggies and eat with a spoon!

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    • Lorinda Bryan Reply

      Thanks! You can’t beat it as a healthy snack anytime of day. I am always trying to change it up with whatever colorful vegetables I have around, as well as different breads.

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