The “New” Hamptons Cottage

Several years ago we bought a little cottage in the Hamptons. It was a great get-away place to spend summers and weekends – (just a few hours drive from Manhattan). We were so taken by the charming one acre backyard (which we knick-named “The Secret Garden“) – that we overlooked the fact that there were only two bedrooms…


After a few years of trying to squeeze everyone in when my children came to visit, we finally decided to add an addition to the house. The addition turned into a “teardown”..and before we knew it we had a complete remodel going on using the same footprint.  It is still a small house, but a very “well built” small house with modern conveniences and high ceilings. It has been a whole year and finally we are moving in!

We will have to wait until next summer to really compare the house when the grass and shrubs grow in again. And yes, it does look similar from the outside..but the changes inside are much more noticeable.

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The kitchen is open and spacious now with modern appliances. We wanted neutral calming colors, so we chose driftwood colored floors and beams. Since we are at the beach we liked the idea of our home reflecting that relaxing, airy, and informal feeling.

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The kitchen is where I spend quite a bit of time so it was really important to get it right. I love handmade things – it gives me great pleasure to be around them. I am pretty fortunate that my brother owns an artisan tile company in Pt. Reyes, Ca. He made all of the tiles we used in the kitchen. They are hand painted in layers of glazes which gives them an amazing depth. I chose a shade for the kitchen called “Milkmaid” which has a coppery glaze underneath a milky, creamy ivory glaze. I think they turned out beautifully.

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Now I finally get a chance to display the handmade ceramics that I have been collecting for years. These open shelves will be the ideal place. I honestly can hardly wait to unpack them!


I used his tiles in the bathrooms also. For the master bathroom I chose an aqua shade of tile with shimmery watercolor warm beiges & aqua greens. Here they are behind the soaking tub.

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This is in the shower stall. The wave deco tiles add texture and interest to the subway field tiles. (I cannot wait to use this shower!)

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For one of the guest bathrooms I chose a smaller subway tile in calming shades of warm grays.

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Here is another guest bathroom with a wave motif border.

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We wanted to retain the “beach cottage” feel that we fell in love with and I think we really succeeded. The beauty is in all the little details. Now comes the challenge and fun of decorating it – my favorite part! I cannot believe it is finally coming to fruition. Stay tuned for the final decor…coming in a few weeks –

I love our little cupola with the copper fish weathervane!


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