French Style Eggs Simmered in Tomato Sauce.

I love Shakshuka, which is so popular these days. It is a savory, easy and delicious way to prepare eggs for brunch. If you have a large skillet you can serve a fair amount of people all at one time.

It is traditionally made Mediterranean style with stewed tomatoes, chili, cumin and onions. I have also tried it Mexican style with chili and cilantro as the spice. But today my son Mac and his fiancee, Cindy are visiting and she is French – so we tried it with a French flair!

For our French style Shakshuka we decided to use a can of fire roasted crushed tomatoes, a small eggplant, a zucchini, a yellow pepper, shallots, fresh thyme, garlic and a fresh tomato.

Use as many eggs as you can easily fit in your skillet. (I made enough for two eggs a piece – and there were four of us)

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It can’t be French without some good herbed French goat cheese!

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First I sliced and lightly sauteed the vegetables in olive oil, then I set them aside.

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Next, I minced the garlic, lightly fried it in some oil and then added the can of crushed tomatoes. I added about half of the vegetables & some chopped thyme and I let it simmer on low.

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After about 10-15 minutes, I cracked each egg one by one and gently dropped them into the sauce. I added some fresh pepper and salt and placed the rest of the sauteed vegetables around the eggs. You can top this with some more fresh thyme, and crumbles of fresh herbed goat cheese.

Let this simmer over the stove on low until the whites are set. Serve hot from the stove with grilled French bread and extra cheese.

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This was really delicious (if I don’t say so myself)  and passed the authentic French taste test!


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  1. pamela Reply

    looks so delicious… i remember the cute little cafe in jerusalem lily took us to for our first shakshuka.
    this recipe looks great.

    • Lorinda Bryan Reply

      It’s so easy to make and it’s really delicious. The first time I had it Nomi made it the traditional way from one of the Ottolenghi cookbooks. It was so good, so I have since tried variations on the recipe!

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