Crispy Oven Roasted Rosemary & Garlic French Fries

There is not much that I enjoy eating more than a good french fry! I am sure it stems back to carefree days at the beach as a teenager in Ocean City Maryland. We would stroll the boardwalk – sandy, salty and hungry looking for junk food. There was the usual assortment; waffles, salt water taffy, fudge and soft ice cream of course – but my very favorite were the french fries!

The smell was irresistible and it drew you in as it wafted down the boardwalk. My favorite little place fried them in peanut oil and served them spilling out of a paper cup. I liked them best doused with ketchup, malt vinegar and extra salt. Yum!

These days we all know that greasy fried food is not good for us, so I have learned to make them healthier by roasting them in a hot oven. It is really very easy and it truly satisfies that craving if you love french fries as much as I do! There are a few tricks that are important to know to make them really crispy and delicious.

I used plain old russet potatoes to make these fries, but you can also use sweet potatoes, or yams, or even beets – with similar results. The process is the same.

First, wash your potatoes and cut them into thin strips, leaving the peel on. Chop some fresh rosemary and mince a garlic or two.

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Lay them flat on a baking sheet and drizzle them with a few tablespoons of a good virgin olive oil. Rub it around until the potato strips are well coated. Sprinkle over that a touch of salt, some minced garlic and some finely chopped rosemary.

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Turn the oven to 450 degrees and roast them until they are golden brown and the ends are crispy and dark. A hot oven is key. This takes 20 – 30 minutes (depending how thin or thick you cut them) – but keep checking the oven towards the end. You want them crispy but not burnt!

Sprinkle with some extra salt, a little more minced rosemary and ketchup. This ketchup was mixed with Harissa for a little extra kick.  (A splash of malt or apple cider vinegar is a nice addition too!)

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Below are my Yam Fries – made exactly the same method and served with Sriracha Sour Cream Dip and Harissa Ketchup.

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These Golden Beet Fries below were delicious too! (and made exactly the same way) Served with Sriracha Aioli, & smoked paprika. Imagine yummy, crispy fries that are scrumptious and also a good way to eat your vegetables!

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You have to try these fries – they will become a family favorite!

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