Eggs Simmered in Marinara Sauce

This is an easy and delicious way to make eggs for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is actually an Italian version of Shakshuka, a Middle Eastern egg dish that is very popular lately. Instead of chile and cumin for spices, it uses Italian herbs and fresh basil. Otherwise it is the same idea of poaching the eggs in very hot simmering tomato sauce to cook them.

All you need is a jar of your favorite marinara sauce and some vegetables, fresh herbs & basil.

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I used fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, spinach and onions. Cut about 1/2 to 1 cup of each vegetable sliced into bite size pieces. (Sliced zucchini or eggplant would make a nice addition also)

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I added a cup of ricotta cheese to my egg dish. Stir in a few TB. of shredded parmesan and some fresh chopped herbs to the ricotta in a bowl. (sage, rosemary, thyme & basil)

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First simmer the marinara on med/low heat in a large skillet over the stove top. Add the vegetables and a few spoonfuls or dollops of the ricotta mixture to the pan.  Simmer until the vegetables are lightly cooked through, and softened.

Crack 4 – 5 eggs on top of the hot simmering sauce and let them cook until the whites are solid and the yolks are still slightly runny. (You may want to add a lid to hasten this step)

Add some more shredded parmesan and fresh herbs to the top of the pan.

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This recipe makes about 2 – 4 delicious & savory servings. (depending on how many eggs you add)

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This is delicious, healthy and satisfying with some toasted Italian bread or a green salad on the side –


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