Seasonal Summer Platter with Potato Salad

Summer is the time for salads! Fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits are at their peak and are readily available at produce stands and at the markets. This time of year I like to try to come up with different combinations of vegetables & fruits. Salads are so light and refreshing on a warm summer day so they make the perfect meal (or side dish to barbecue)

When I think of summer, these are some of my favorites….tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, corn, red potatoes, radishes, blueberries, nectarines and fresh herbs. I associate this particular assortment with summer, so I decided to create a salad with these ingredients.

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This seasonal summer platter is not really a recipe, but more a combination of summer produce at it’s best. It is about preparing and cutting the ingredients first. The green beans and corn need to be blanched beforehand.  (Boil them quickly for a few minutes until tender, but not overcooked. Remove from the heat immediately and immerse in ice water to stop the cooking process and retain the color).  The potatoes need to be boiled until a knife is easily inserted.

Cut the corn off the cob and set aside. Slice the nectarine, cucumber and radishes and set aside with the blueberries and some chopped parsley or basil. (or both)

Once the potatoes are cool, cut them into wedges (I kept the skin on). Make a simple potato salad by mixing together a little mayonnaise, dijon mustard, chopped pickles and salt & pepper. Lightly stir this in with the potatoes. Set aside.

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Once everything is ready and cut into bite-sized pieces, assemble everything on a platter of greens. (I used peppery watercress, but arugula or spinach or any lettuce works)

Dress with oil and vinegar or a creamy ranch dressing, and toss on top a little feta cheese, if you like. Add a little extra freshly ground salt & pepper.

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This salad is so fresh and healthy and uses all the seasonal vegetables & fruits readily available in the summer months.

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This is summer on a plate! You will truly be “eating the rainbow” with this salad – it is so good for you and your family.

Serve & enjoy!

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