Damson Plum & Berry Fruit Tarts

Making a fresh fruit tart is so quick and easy if you keep a box of frozen Puff Pastry in your freezer. Then whenever you have some extra fruit you can just pull it out and let it thaw according to the instructions on the box.

I found these beautiful Damson Plums at the farmer’s market. (This type of plum ripens in the late summer through the fall). So I decided to make some fruit tarts with these seasonal plums, and I added some berries & pomegranate seeds for color and texture.

All you need is frozen puff pastry, fruit, cream cheese and jam!   (and perhaps some nuts if you like)

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I washed and sliced my fruit and set it aside.  Once the pastry dough was thawed, I cut a sheet into fourths.  With a small knife I scored a line about 1″ inside the perimeter of the rectangle. (about halfway through the dough) Next I pierced inside the middle area a few times. This allows the edge to puff up more and the inside not as much.

(I added these little ruffled edges, but you will see that they just all blended into one puffed edge so it wasn’t worth it!)

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Meanwhile I thinned out some cream cheese with a little milk or cream to a creamy consistency. This made it easier to spread on the baked crust. I used some plum jam (but any fruit jam works as well)  – which I thinned out with a little water.

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I baked the puff pastry at 400 degrees until it was puffed and golden brown.  After I removed it from the oven, I used a spoon to lightly press down the center area to make a space for the fruit.

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Very gently I spread some of the thinned cream cheese over the middle.  (The crust is extremely buttery and flaky so use a light touch here!)

Once this was done I arranged the sliced fruit and berries on top.  Next, I spooned some of my thinned out jam over the fruit. Finally I sprinkled that with pomegranate seeds and toasted pine nuts, plus some fresh mint and a dash of confectioners sugar. The tarts are ready to serve at room temperature, or can be refrigerated for later!

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These fruit tarts were delicious and light and and looked much more complicated to make than they really were.

You should try this recipe next time you have some pretty fruit on hand.  It is an easy yet impressive fruit dessert with a crispy buttery crust!


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