Hello Baby Animals

My new book, Hello Baby Animals, is finally out in bookstores! (June 5th) Available by clicking the link below:


I made a batch of these adorable animal pancakes from molds I purchased from William Sonoma to celebrate!

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Most of my instagram followers know me as LorindaBreeze, someone who makes healthy, colorful food and then instagrams it! They don’t know that this is a hobby for me and that illustrating and writing children’s books has been my career.

I went to the Rhode Island School of Design many years ago, and studied painting and illustration. By the time I graduated I was passionate about children’s books and decided that was what I wanted to pursue. I was lucky to start getting book assignments right away, and I went on to illustrate more than fifty books over the course of the next twenty years. Many of them were fairy tales that I retold. Some were original stories I wrote and others were stories written by other authors that I illustrated.

During that time I also had four children, which as you might imagine, took a lot of my time and energy!! I began to turn my time and interests to my family and other pursuits and the books tapered off over the years. But I did continue to paint with oils and watercolors and to keep my hand in the art field because making art is what I love to do.

Now my children are grown and are having their own children. I have three grandchildren now (and one more on the way!) Two years ago when my daughter Sean was expecting, we wanted to decorate her nursery in a cute way. I thought a set of soft watercolors would look nice on the wall in her nursery. I began to paint a group of watercolor portraits of baby animals. I have a realistic style, but I also wanted to give the animals personality because that is something I am known for. I dressed them in fun clothing and hats that would add to their unique personalities. They turned out quite cute and I had eight of them framed for the nursery which I gave my daughter for her baby shower gift. She loved them!

The paintings got a lot of positive response from everyone who saw them as well. On a whim I decided to bring them to the editor I had worked with many years ago at Penguin Random House. Fortunately I received the same good response from them and I was offered a contract for a book which we decided to call, “Hello Baby Animals”. It is an introduction for toddlers to Animals (in baby form!) I added a guessing game with body parts to make it fun and an interactive learning experience too.

I am so excited to announce that my new book will be available in bookstores June 5th! If you are pregnant or happen to have a friend or daughter who is expecting, it would make an adorable baby gift!

Here is a link below as to where it can be ordered:

I plan to make some giclee prints of the some of the watercolors from the book and sell them. When framed and hung in a grouping of 4 – 8 on a wall they look wonderful and work for a boy or girl!
Here is my granddaughter, Lyla in her nursery.
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If you are interested in purchasing any of these giclee prints, please let me know here on my blog.
I cannot wait to get my first copy to give to my daughter and daughter-in-law, so they can read it to my grandchildren!
Warmest wishes!



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  1. Lou Bryan Reply

    Love your recent Blog. Also can’t wait for my copy of Hello Baby Animals

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