I am an artist living in New York City. It is so great to have everything at my fingertips from Central Park
to some of the best museums, shops, plays, green markets and restaurants in the world. It has been an
awakening to be here again after so many years. I am also fortunate to be able to spend a lot of time at
our beach house in the Hamptons, where I have three stores. All of this is inspiring, stimulating and a
visual feast for an artist like me to be around!

I have always been passionate about creating and making art. Over the years I have experimented with
every form of art from illustrating books for children (ie: Lorinda Bryan Cauley) to botanical painting and
still life oil painting. I sometimes dabble in abstract art and collage, plus I love graphic design, and home
decorating. I find enjoyment and happiness in any creative project, including cooking healthy food. When
I am immersed in the creative process, all of life’s worries and problems fall away and I am in a zone.

I am also a “health nut”, and have studied nutrition as a hobby for as long as I can remember. My father
enjoyed gardening and was ahead of his time in being a health food lover. His love of nutritional food was
my original inspiration. Cooking together was our way of bonding. He taught me the basics of cooking and
nutrition which I still follow. I remember grocery shopping with him to plan a special meaI. Paella was his
specialty and I can still smell the saffron rice cooking in the rich savory stew. Helping him place the seafood
and peas, capers, artichokes and red peppers “just so” in the terra cotta casserole dish, is a memory I will
always cherish.

I believe that adding color to your meals, is one of the best ways to insure that you are getting all the vitamins
and nutrients you need. For me, eating healthy is not about making complicated meals. It is about choosing
fresh, organic produce and preparing it as close to it’s natural state as possible. I use quality products, and
lightly season with fresh herbs, healthy oils and vinegars and lemon. I truly believe in Michael Pollen’s adage:
Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

Recently the last of my four children moved out into her own apartment in the city. For fun I started taking
photos of my meals and posting them. My children are all great cooks, so I figured they would enjoy snap
shots of some of my food creations. I hoped it would remind them of home. Instagram has become a way
for me to merge three loves of mine; art, cooking and my kids. Each meal that I make and photograph is like
creating a still life of the beautiful things I love. It makes me appreciate the preparation of food that much more.
I enjoy shopping for produce and exploring green markets more than ever. I marvel over the beautiful shapes
and colors of fruits and vegetables. I can honestly say that taking photos has helped me stop and smell the
roses and to see the beauty that is everywhere.

Seeing the pleasure I got from posting photos inspired my son to set up a blog site for me as a Christmas
present. So here I am….a little nervous about how to approach this project, but excited too. I will share with
you just a few insights and some basic recipes from an artist / home cook’s point of view. They will be mostly
vegetarian inspired seasonal recipes because I feel that is the backbone of a healthy meal. (It is easy to add
meat, fish or a protein source as a side dish to accommodate any taste).

My blog will be a mix of my passion for art and design, and as well as my love of simple, healthy, colorful
food. I would like to add art projects that I am working on, and also what inspires me in my three stores in
the Hamptons. We are in the process of remodeling our house at the beach, so I may throw in some decora-
ting ideas too. I hope my blog about all the things that inspire me and my creations, will inspire you too!